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I offer an independent engineering consultancy service specialising in the design and development of many of the control and communications systems installed in road, rail & cable tunnels both in the UK and abroad

I have been working in the control systems industry for over 30 years, and specialising in tunnel systems for over 20 years.


Martin Kelly provides engineering consultancy services for Road, Rail & Cable tunnel control and communications systems under the company name of MAK2 Limited.

Established in 2004, MAK2 Limited is based on the outskirts of Manchester, England, and specialises in the design and development of many of the control and communications systems that are installed in tunnels.  We have worked with a number of leading Engineering Consultants assisting them with their projects.

We have been engaged directly by some local and national authorities to carry out an assortment of roles including: design specification; fault analysis; independent design checking; vendor assessments; vendor design checks.

Please get in touch to see how we may be of service to you.

Our Services

Specification development
Develop your specification to the latest technical and European safety standards

Project Management
Independent project management and project status accounting

Cat 3 Checking
Have your design checked against the relevant statutory body regulations

Mission Statement

To provide independent, professional and cost effective solutions while working in partnership to achieve our clients objectives.

         Martin Kelly - Director